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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is your location?
    706 A Ave National City, CA 91950
  • What is your store hours?
    We are open only 4 days a week, every week! Saturday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM Sunday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM Tuesday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM Wed- Fri: Closed for restock!
  • Why are your prices significantly lower than other traditional retail stores?
    One of the key reasons our products are so affordable is because they are primarily overstock and returned items. By avoiding additional costs such as sorting, merchandising, pricing each item individually, and so on, we can offer these items at prices that our customers truly appreciate.
  • What is a Bin Store?
    A bin store typically sells overstock and returned items without the traditional merchandising and individual pricing. Instead, everything is priced uniformly low, regardless of its actual value. Customers have the opportunity to browse through bins containing tens of thousands of items, often finding products at significantly reduced prices compared to their original retail value.
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